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What Does God Want?

This snapshot has haunted me for years. A classic-looking man and a little girl. He’s a striking-fellow with his flowing white beard and outfit. He may be the little one’s father. He’s probably her grandpa. Regardless, there striding along with him is the child. See the confident, long swing of her arms and the lookContinue reading “What Does God Want?”

The Path

Jesus walked a lonely path. But it led to things good for us And victory for him – The Overcomer! Think it throughAnd have a fabulous Easter!


Originally posted on Think It Through:
J. Fayle photo – 2021 Welcome, Spring! It’s pretty unstoppable, this power which makes life sprout again. What sometimes looks dead, isn’t. What seemed back then to kill it, didn’t. And Death rues the day it thought it had had its way. This and more is what Spring is…

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