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A String of Pearls

A friend of mine’s mother recently passed away. He had taken care of his dear mom for months as her life wound down, expending himself 24/7 as her personal caretaker. Last night this friend shared some of his experiences to the small group we attend in common, including a remarkable encounter which comforted him onContinue reading “A String of Pearls”


So, while giving thanks for the toast I was about to eat with my morning coffee, it occurred to me that most of the ingredients that went into making this hearty slice of yumminess and the toppings I was putting on it are from the nature which God created. Grains, seeds, sugar cane, peanuts, fruitContinue reading “Ingredients”


Locks are a very old idea. Barring the way of enemies and thieves from entering in to take our stuff has been going on for most of the while since mankind has been around. Locks also keep prisoners from breaking out. Why we have enemies, thieves, and prisoners is not what this article is about.Continue reading “Access”

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