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The Light of Morning Fires🔥

It’s Saturday morning here at a campsite along the central California coast. A couple of families nearby with young children have stirred in the early morning light. They’ve got their campfire going and the chatter of outdoor joy is going on. Bundled bodies, hugs and snuggles are happening there this fine autumn morning. I betContinue reading “The Light of Morning Fires🔥”

Our End

For many of us, the ending of our life is unpleasant to think about. Without a doubt it’s something to be concerned about. But there’s good reason to let its warning have a certain way with us. Every competition in sports comes to its end. Every food product has an expiration point. And every oneContinue reading “Our End”

Learning the Hard Way

Mom was right to warn me back then. But there I went anyway. Almost ruined my teeth as a young adult. Lots of sweets and not enough self-care. Sometime later and thanks to dentists and personal lessons learned, I avoided losing too many of them. For years now I’ve taken care of bridgework I thinkContinue reading “Learning the Hard Way”

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